What is pubg and free fire? How to take bc and daimond in pubg and free fire?


 Pubg is an action based game that is played online on computers and smartphones and is a kind of interesting game because you can play this game with duo and four people together.



 What is bc in pubg, if you are playing pubg then you will know what is bc like in pubg you can take a lot, if you want to take anything, then you get something for free and something to take  If you need bc then how do you take bc, so if you want to take any emote or anything or gun skin so that you can become a pro player of free fire, then you need bc for that.


 How to get bc free in pubg?

 As friends all of you know how to take bc, you need friends money to take bc but I will tell you a trick that will get you bc for free, yes friends you will get bc for free for that.  What to do

 Friends, for that you have to download an application in your mobile, then what do you have to do for it, friends, you have to download the application first, then you have to first download it by clicking on the download button.  is

 After that what you have to do is you will get bonus from this application and you have to allow all permissions, after that you all have to follow all the steps so that you can get bc from there for absolutely free.

 What is free fire?

 Free Fire is a game played online like a pubg, it has less graphic than the pubg and there are 100 people landing in the pub and 50 people in the free fire and the graphic is different in it, you can also play solo duoers in this game.  .

 What is daimond in free fire?

 Even in free fire, if you want to take anything, then you also need a daimond for it, just like if you take a dress and or skin or anything, change your name too, then you need a daimond for that too.  If you want to take anything in it, then it seems daimond.

 Free fire.  How do I get damned for free?

 Friends, you have to download an application whose name is roz dhan, you will find the button at the bottom of the download, you will go to the play store by clicking on it, after that what you have to do is to download the application, after that you have the option of free fire  You have to select this, after that you can take a lot of money from this application for free and you can get damned from it for free.

 If you also want to take it for free, you can get it from this application, you also get a deliy reward here and you also get a lot of bonuses from which you can get a demand from your paytm and you can earn a lot of money from referrals too.  If you download someone from your referral, then you will also get money in paytm from that, so that you can take damond and bc.

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