how to get bc and daimond from winzo


 So friends, this is an apk, then you will get this apk, so what do you have to do for it, then friends, if you do not find it in the play store, you get it in Google, then how do you download it, then what do you have to do for it friends?  I will give you the link of winzo at the bottom, in the download button, you have to download winzo by clicking on the download button.


 How to use Winzo?

 Friends, what is your winzo? How do you use winzo, then what do you have to do for friends? Friends, winzo is a kind of earning application, then friends can earn money from it, so how do you earn money from it, then what do you do for friends?  You are the first friend, you can earn money by playing this very game.

 And friends, you can earn a lot of money from its referrals, if you want to earn money, then if you shere the referrals more and more you will shere, then you can earn a lot more money from what you download from your link.

 How to take daimond from winzo in free fire?

 Friends, if you play free fire games and you like free fire games, then this apk is going to be very useful, you can take a lot of daimond using this apk, friends, by downloading this application, you will get 50 rupees  You will get a bonus. If you play the game by going to the free-fire option with the same money, you will win a lot of damond the more you kill, the more money you win, you will get more money and you can take daimond for cheaper than that.  is

 How to get bc from winzo to pubg?

 Friends, if you play a similar pubg, then how do you get a bc in that pub, then you will get an option of pubg for that, you have to go there and after that what you have to do is you have to join the room and after that  If you kill and win after playing the game from there, you will get bc, you can get a lot of bc from here.

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